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What is Song Z App

If you're looking for more than mainstream music, SongZApp is for you.

SongZApp is the ultimate app to discover fresh, cool new music on your mobile device. At SongZApp we scout the web every day to bring you the best singles laying around, our team of music experts analyzes social networks, blogs and radio stations to bring you the hottest new trends in music. You'll have the chance to explore a different music collection every day on a beautifully crafted mosaic-style app of albums covers. Oh! Did I mention that every single contains the full song for free ? Listen, Discover, Share.

What SongZApp brings:

Have you ever been mistaken for a writer for Rolling Stone with your awesome music rec's? Doubtful. If you want to drop professional level music knowledge on all your friends then you have to know the best and freshest music everyday. But sorting through all the noise to find the good stuff is why we leave music discovery to the pros and our friends. But wannabe music aficionados need not despair. With SongZApp you get the Top 200+ songs that are trending each day. Big bands with a hit new single and obscure bands making noise on the local circuit, you get the full range. To get this level of diversity in trending music SongZ scours websites, blogs and the top music services to see what people are talking about and even better yet, what they are liking. And we package it up neatly so you can easily discover the best new music, daily.
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